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cetan's Journal

22 July
Heh. You don't want to know...
50mm, adult swim, alice peacock, amateur photography, aqua teen hunger force, b&w photography, band of brothers, beginning photography, biking, black and white photography, body in a woodchipper, books, bt, camping, canon, canon a80, canon elan 7, canon rebel 2000, canonet ql17, cats, chemical brothers, chicago, chutneypants, coffee, computers, country donuts, crash test dummies, crystal lake, crystal method, css, dangly parts, distributed computing, distributed.net, dna, donnie darko, douglas adams, downbeats, dune, dunes, eddie from ohio, efo, eggpants, elan 7, electronica, elgin, england, exploding dog, fatboy slim, fbs, fermilab, firefox, fnal, fonts, frank herbert, frontline, fuji, fujifilm, geography, gis, global thermo-nuclear war, gps, graphic design, greenwood, groove armada, guinness, harper college, harvey birdman, hiking, holga, holgaroid, hunter s. thompson, iceland, ilford, indianapolis, interests, irc, irssi, jack benny, john digweed, john mayer, john mcphee, junkyard wars, kids in the hall, krzysztof kieslowski, lab one, landscapes, lemon jelly, lewis black, literature, lithium, london, london underground, longs bakery, m@b, macro, macro photography, maps, mind the gap, mountain dew, mozilla, mr show, muons, national parks, nature photography, navy pier, nick drake, northern exposure, old time radio, paul oakenfold, pbs, pdf, penny arcade, pete yorn, photo.net, photographica, photography, photos, photoshop, php, physics, pinhole camera, pinhole photography, rails to trails, rebel 2000, rule of thirds, run lola run, snl, taste of chicago, techno, too much coffee man, travel, trillian, type, typeface, typefaces, upright citizens brigade, valparaiso, valparaiso university, valpo, vu, warren dunes, way out west, web design, william s. burroughs, zeroimage