Only one way to find out.

There's only one way for me to really find out how well switching from LJ to WordPress on works for blogging. Despite the momentum of LJ, I'm going to give full-time WordPress a shot.

Maybe I'll abandon it after a week, or maybe it'll be permanent, I'm not sure. Hopefully things won't be too confusing.

So, here's the deal:

1) I'm keeping my LJ account, just not posting to it. I'd like to be able to read and respond to friends-only posts made by, well, my friends :)

2) My wordpress journal is already syndicated through LJ here: cetan_feed. Just add that feed to your friends list and you'll see the updates I make to the blog. The actual address of the blog is:

3) Feel free to reply to the feed or to add comments right to the blog. I'll be reading both and responding to both.

4) If you find all this silly and don't want to read the blog coming from, I completely understand.

Here's to trying.

Looks like something happened to comments during the last upgrade. I'm not sure why, but it's treating every comment as if it were spam or coming from an insecure proxy. I have no clue why :( Sorry.

This should be fixed.
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Oh Yahoo!

I went to login to my yahoo email account and this is the banner I see:

Look at the way she's looking at that pig...

Oh Yahoo, your image/text combos frighten me.

"Darling you gotta let me know \\ Should I stay or should I go?"

My paid status on LiveJournal expires in 8 days. Ever since the infamous Duck Howling incident, I've been working on/slacking on a wordpress blog install for my domain with the idea that I would abandon LJ. (This also goes along with a plan to consolidate domains and unify my online presence)

And now that (for all intents and purposes) the blog is done and ready, I'm wondering if I should even bother leaving LiveJournal.

What I would gain:
1) Freedom. No mindless Abuse staff with little to no understanding of law and no asses to try and cover.

What I would lose:
1) Friends-Only Posts. Not insignificant.
2) User Icons (I could probably hack something into WP if I were not a slacker)
3) Phone posts, phonecam posts, polls, all the other silly stuff not available to free users. I hardly use these features but they still would be a loss.
4) Simplicity (aka, one-stop-shopping). I would have to still maintain a LJ account (albeit free) in order to read friends posts, add comments, etc. but all my content would be on my server and (even though it would be syndicated on LJ) people would have to leave LJ in order to comment.

Posting under a free LJ account isn't an option because I would have even less leverage with LJ staff if /another/ problem came up. Plus, a free LJ account wouldn't be a lot different than my wordpress install, except for keeping content together.

So, I guess I have 9 days to ponder this.

(As an aside, I wish WordPress currently supported OpenID [a sort-of-working-plugin is here.])
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sad songs

Eddie From Ohio

I'm sure many of you are familiar with me going on and on about the band Eddie From Ohio. They're by far my favorite musical group of all time and for good reason. They have talent other musicians only dream about. Anyone that's seen them live will attest to this.

Last night they sent out an email to those on the mailing list about the lead singer Julie Murphy Wells. I've copied part of it below:


We're sad to report that within the last two weeks, our own Julie Murphy Wells has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the aggressive nature of treatment necessary (surgery and therapy), we will be forced to cancel all of our performances for the next four weeks, at least. All the dates that are canceled are listed below.

On Thursday, September 15, Julie will undergo surgery for removal of the malignancy. While initial test results give reason to believe that the tumor is contained and hasn't spread, nothing will be definite until the surgery takes place.

At this point, Julie wishes to go public with her current illness as she could use all the prayer power she can get for her and her family. She's definitely showing her Fighting Irish colors more than she ever has, and continues to demonstrate a remarkable display of high spirits. She certainly hasn't lost her sharp sense of humor either.

She's been an inspiration to us all, and she gives us all reason to believe she's gonna kick this cancer in the seat of the pants. She's in wonderful care with a new facility in Arlington, Virginia- top professionals with incredible bedside manner. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

We've set up a separate special email account if you'd like to send a note to Julie (Yes, that was Julie's idea. We weren't kidding about that sense of humor)

Please watch our website for updates, and we'll do our best to keep folks in the loop with any developments.
Sorry, no 'abreast' puns here.
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Attack of the Yard Monsters

helloheather and I attacked the yard monsters this weekend, despite the heat. I trimmed the back bushes and she trimmed the bushes in the back flower bed. I also tried to pull up the monster crabgrass growing there. By monster, I mean crabgrass entities easily 5 foot in diameter. In fact, crabgrass isn't the right word; it was Pissed-Off-And-Looking-To-Cut-Someone-Grass. And by entities I do mean many.

I won most of the battles, but not the war.

The yard is a lot of work and helloheather and I are a bit overwhelmed with it all. We've decided to eliminate the dead-tree-turned-bird-feeder+pretty-things in the middle of the back yard (seen here: I'm looking to get a tree trimming service out to pull this thing and grind the stump out as well and nice-ify our many living trees. I'm debating calling out an actual arborist to teach us how to best maintain the trees. It seems like knowing as much as possible about them would be a good thing in the long run, especially if it helps us determine which tree trimming service actually knows what they're doing and which just wants to cut stuff up.

All in all, it felt good to get out in the yard and work. Tonight we dump a bunch of lighter fluid on the clippings and have a little burn-fest.

Oh, and I found a dead ground squirrel in the yard. He's going to be on the funeral pyre.
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Nikon first out of the consumer point and shoot gate with WiFi

Although Kodak announced a WiFi enabled consumer point and shoot camera back in January (and an impressive looking camera at that), the EasyShare One has yet to be released.

Nikon, however, has just announced the availability of their own WiFi enabled consumer point and shoot cameras:

The P1 and P2 both have 802.11b/g WiFi built in (as opposed to the Kodak offering which was an extra card) and, continuing the megapixel race, are 5 and 8MP respectively.