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ketchup - cetan
DC this weekend was a lot of fun. United Airlines, amazingly enough, got us to Reagan-National 20 minutes early on Thursday evening and we got to O'Hare 30 minutes early on Sunday. Who ever heard of United being on-time, let alone early before?? Maybe they're padding their flight times now so it looks like they got in early?

Anyway, DC was good, bunches of photos taken, bunches of fun had, weather was nice (though humid).

Today I had lunch with my sister and my mom down at Millennium Park. Took the Holgaroid with and grabbed two photos. Starting tomorrow the weather is supposed to cool slightly, but (of course) I'll be locked in the office with AutoDesk as we migrate software products. Oh well, maybe it'll be nice next week and I can get down to the park with the camera.

Birthday dinner tonight for helloheather's dad. Should be fun.

Check out nugget's post about Google Talk if you've not had a chance:

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