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On its way...the future. - cetan
On its way...the future.

I will admit that when I saw the PDF of the supposed Canon 5D digital SLR, I thought it was a fake. Why? Well, aside from the fact that 99% of the rumor "images" of new DSLRs are fakes done in Photoshop, the PDF showed not only the 5D as having a full frame CMOS sensor, but the cost being about $3500 US. The only current full frame sensor digital SLR on the market is the Canon 1Ds Mark II at a cost of $7000 for the body alone.

However, also surrounding this PDF was talk of a new L-series lens, the 24-105mm f/4 IS, and a new flash unit, the 430EX (something I would be most interested in if I decided to buy a 20D).

Well, Canon AU just announced that the lens is real. (See above link). Given the history for the Canon 5 film SLR, this lens on a full frame sensor digital SLR like the 5D would be a nice match.

So, Canon raises the bar again by drastically cutting prices. Full frame at $3500 is just /sick/. Canon has had to have made tremendous advances in yields with their CMOS production in order to get prices this low.

edit/update: changed some text.

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