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Yes, Michigan? - cetan
Yes, Michigan?
Up early on Saturday and helloheather and I were on the road with helloheather's mom by 7:30 to drive to Detroit.

For the most part, the drive up was uneventful. Saturday afternoon and evening were a lot of fun. I was the human jungle-gym for the two kids and learned a lot more about Texas Hold 'Em that evening.

Sunday, most of the group was heading to a Detroit Tigers game so helloheather and I headed back. We decided to stop off at Warren Dunes for the afternoon, given that 94 runs right next to it. I used to get to the dunes 3 or 4 times a summer when in college but very few times since then. It's really nice to go back. We also ate at a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant near the dunes. I had a lamb dish with a spicy sauce and yogurt. I didn't recognize the name, but I've had something similar at the Taste of Madison. It was really tasty.

The traffic report for those of us heading west around Lake Michigan was horrible sounding, so we thought we would try a different route. It was...interesting. Exiting in Gary onto Route 6/Ridge Rd put us right into the heart of some of the most economically depressed areas I've ever seen. The number of burned out buildings probably equaled the number of standing ones. Lots of cities have really rough neighborhoods sitting right next to really nice areas, and if you blink you'll miss the transition between the two. But in Gary and to the west, the transition was very slow and very noticeable. The roads improved, the sidewalks started looking usable, there were fewer abandoned cars, and by the time we got to Munster, it was full-fledged "Leave it to Beaver" land. What a crazy drive.

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